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Ash vs Evil Dead
Episodes watched2010
Episodes watched120
Stranger Things
Episodes watched170
Black Mirror
Episodes watched180
Episodes watched300
Game of Thrones
Episodes watched676
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Episodes watched1313
Episodes watched1010
The OA
Episodes watched88
The Walking Dead
Episodes watched10724
Episodes watched1010
13 Reasons Why
Episodes watched026
American Gods
Episodes watched88
Better Call Saul
Episodes watched040
Boardwalk Empire
Episodes watched056
Episodes watched010
Gravity Falls
Episodes watched040
Episodes watched039
Marvel's The Punisher
Episodes watched1313
Mr. Robot
Episodes watched257
Silicon Valley
Episodes watched442
Sons of Anarchy
Episodes watched6626
South Park
Episodes watched28710
The Tick
Episodes watched616
True Detective
Episodes watched168
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Going to watch

Bates Motel
Episodes watched050
Black Books
Episodes watched018
Mad Men
Episodes watched092
Marvel's Agent Carter
Episodes watched018
Marvel's The Defenders
Episodes watched08
Episodes watched030
New Girl
Episodes watched0146
Over the Garden Wall
Episodes watched010
Peaky Blinders
Episodes watched024
Rick and Morty
Episodes watched031
The IT Crowd
Episodes watched024
Twin Peaks
Episodes watched048
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Stopped watching 3 days 10 hours 28 minutes

Adventure Time
Episodes watched0278
American Horror Story
Episodes watched2569
American Dad!
Episodes watched0261
Family Guy
Episodes watched0329
Episodes watched8635
The Simpsons
Episodes watched0662

Has watched all 7 days 23 hours 43 minutes

Breaking Bad
Episodes watched620
My Name is Earl
Episodes watched960
Episodes watched360
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Episodes watched180
The Mist
Episodes watched100
Band of Brothers
Episodes watched100
Episodes watched380
Elfen Lied
Episodes watched130
Hellsing (JP)
Episodes watched130

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