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Family Guy
Episodes watched0333
Episodes watched8242
Johnny Bravo
Episodes watched65116
Lie to Me
Episodes watched3315
Looney Tunes
Episodes watched3021
Police Academy: The Animated Series
Episodes watched641
SpongeBob SquarePants
Episodes watched125367
The Beatles Anthology
Episodes watched53
The Flintstones
Episodes watched1651
The Jetsons
Episodes watched741
The Mask
Episodes watched512
The Secret Show
Episodes watched3814
Power Rangers
Episodes watched690190
Episodes watched923
Breaking Bad
Episodes watched062
Episodes watched211
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm
Episodes watched013
Robot Chicken
Episodes watched79107
South Park
Episodes watched20299
The Beatles
Episodes watched397
The Simpsons
Episodes watched464202
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Going to watch 4 days 21 hour 2 minutes

Stargate Universe
Episodes watched391
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes watched624
Doctor Who
Episodes watched6572
Knight Rider
Episodes watched170
The Big Bang Theory
Episodes watched0279

Stopped watching 8 hours 48 minutes

Hey Arnold!
Episodes watched2476
Stargate: Infinity
Episodes watched026

Has watched all 1 month 6 days 17 hours 7 minutes

12 oz. Mouse
Episodes watched200
Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show!
Episodes watched130
Batman: The Animated Series
Episodes watched850
Episodes watched1090
Darkwing Duck
Episodes watched910
Earthworm Jim
Episodes watched230
Knight Rider
Episodes watched900
Life with Louie
Episodes watched390
Shaman King (US)
Episodes watched630
The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show
Episodes watched150
Jackie Chan Adventures
Episodes watched950
Iron Man
Episodes watched260
Sealab 2020
Episodes watched130
The Addams Family (1992)
Episodes watched210
Biker Mice from Mars (1993)
Episodes watched650
Episodes watched1020
ALF: The Animated Series
Episodes watched260
Back to the Future: The Animated Series
Episodes watched260
Death Note
Episodes watched370
Episodes watched2360
Episodes watched650
Episodes watched1210
Men in Black: The Series
Episodes watched530
Mr. Bean
Episodes watched140
Episodes watched650
Stargate Atlantis
Episodes watched1000
Stargate SG-1
Episodes watched2140
The Mighty Boosh
Episodes watched200
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