Q 1:

Where shall I address complaints and feedback?


To or our public page. We also have a twitter account.

Q 2:

What kind of people are you?!


You can look at our faces here.

Q 3:

What is to expect from you?


We are planning to start a TV-series themed blog, make content available to be edited by our users, add better recommendations for shows and people, eventually.

Q 4:

What are those icons besides shows' names?


Green "Play" means the series is ongoing, red means a show premiere, and a cross — that the show is cancelled. The "pause" icon shows that the series is on break (TBD - to be determined).

Q 5:

What does "Watching", "Going to watch", "Stopped watching" buttons do?


They make updates on different shows appear in different sections of your profile page.

Status My shows Watch next
Watching            + +
Going to watch +
Stopped watching

Q 6:

Is there an RSS feed for ""My shows" and "Watch next" sections?


We have two feeds for our users: for new episodes and new uploads. A good browser (not Chrome) should offer you the links.

Q 7:

Why doesn't the search works normally?


Our search works perfect with English titles, if you have some problems searching, for example, Japanese titles, please, try all variations - short title and e.t.c.

Q 8:

Do you have API?


Yes we do - API for MyShows.

Q 9:

Why "My shows" page is empty?


The "My shows" section shows only the episodes that you haven't watched yet.

Q 10:

Why the information you provide about TV-shows not always precise?


We automatically upload profiles to our network, so it's their fault. If you find invalid information about some series, correct it on, or use a form on the show's profile page to contact us.

Q 11:

I can't find my favorite show. What shall I do?


Add it to, and it will appear on our site too. Check out the topic on our page with instructions on how to do that - oops, it only in Russian. Don't be afraid to contact us using the form or the said page.

Q 12:

Why aren't you checking your e-mail/twitter/etc.?


We try to follow up your letters and feedback, however, we don't always have an opportunity to answer you right away. The best way to inform us about troubles in your experience with MyShows is our page — our staff members monitor it constantly, and tend to react to your feedback there instantly.

Q 13:

Why can't I find my friends on MyShows using OpenID or some of my favorite social networks?


Currently, on MyShows you can find your friends from We are planning to add other possibilities.

Q 14:

Do you have a mobile site?


We have official apps for iPhone and Android and not official apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8, isn't that enough?

UPD: Okay, we have developed mobile version! It's not ideal right now, but we work on it :)

Q 15:

Can I check an episode twice if I've watched it twice?


No, you can't. We are planning to introduce the "rewatching" function, but it won't affect your stats, because we think that's fair.

Q 16:

Why do you need my E-mail address?


It is needed for password recovery, and for our newsletters which you can unsubscribe of.

Q 17:

What else have you got?


A Google Chrome plugin, Kodi\XBMC plugin, and plugins for Mozilla Firefox and Opera. But they are not official.

Q 18:

How is the "In the Loop" achievement distributed?


You will get the achievement if you watch top 10 ACTIVE('New Series', 'Returning Series', 'In Development', 'Final Season') shows from this list.

Q 19:

I've checked all of the episodes in a cancelled show, but it hasn't dropped in the "Watched all" list. Why?


Try turning on the "Consider N/A-dated episodes aired" option in settings (it's off by default), that must help.