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*when paying for the year

What canPRO

Hide all ads

Everybody is annoyed by advertising, so much so that we use all sorts of ways in order not to see annoying advertising banners. There is no advertising in the Pro-account!

Hide your profile

Do you like TV shows so much that you watch them every day and are afraid that someone will see how much time you have spent on it? Hide profile - there is nothing easier with Pro!

Pictures for comments

Write comments is very nice! And to attach a picture to a comment is even nicer when you know that not everyone can leave them, but only your favorites. Pro is always among them!

Transfer of marks

Looked at the series and forgot to mention? And for the award "Not a day without a series" is not enough one day? You can transfer the mark for a couple of days!

Comments to the unreleased series

Pro-accounts have the opportunity to comment on the future! The series has not yet been released, but I already want to share my expectations - share!

I will not watch

You know that you will not watch any series, but they hang and "spoil the picture"? Just note that you will not watch them!

ICal calendar

Looking at the original? Do you want to miss a single series? Add to your iCal calendar with a schedule of new episodes in your iPhone or Google calendar!

Your page background

Love penny? Or maybe House? You can put the background from your favorite series to your background. Or maybe a little later, your own background is your Pro account!

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*when paying for the year