A Good Man

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  • Original run:
    27 Aug 2003 – October 2003
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    8 of 637 7760%
  • Total running time:
    18 hours 40 minutes
  • Episode duration:
    70 minutes


20 years ago, Park Joon Pil is the son of a mafia boss and Kang Tae Pyung is the son of a police officer. At the department store, while Kang Tae Pyung's dad attempts to arrest Joon Pil's dad, both the small boys become orphans. A fellow police officer takes in Joon Pil as his own son, thinking that the little boy is Tae Pyung. Tae Pyung, however, is taken into an orphan home. Joon Pil knows he is a criminal's son. 20 years later, Joon Pil is an aspiring young police officer and Tae Pyung is a boxing bum. When Tae Pyung's best friend becomes unfairly murdered, he vows to become a police officer. Two years later, Joon Pil and Tae Pyung finally meet again. Rivals but friends at heart, these two guys learn to forgive the past and embrace the future.