s01e03 — The Man Who Killed Blackbeard

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    20 Jun 201420.06.2014 17:00
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21 apr 2015, 7:21

Nelly: Have you ever brought forth a child?
Tom: No. But I've read about it in a book.
Nelly: Hmm?
Tom: It was a very good book.

21 apr 2015, 7:22

Father Daniel: We've obtained a consignment of coffee, if you're interested.
Kate: No call for it.
Father Daniel: Have you ever tried it?
Kate: Never tried it. Never missed it.
Father Daniel: Then you don't know what you're missing. Try before you buy.
Kate: I'm not buying.
Father Daniel: So try!

21 apr 2015, 7:22

Blackbeard: And yet, it's no easy thing to look up a newborn and then spit in the eye of God.
Tom: Until you see a newborn sicken and die. The spitting becomes easier after that.
Blackbeard: There are those who consider me to be evil simply because I've commented depravities. But I don’t believe that to be so. Evil is no more than a cogent riposte to the world we've been born into.

21 apr 2015, 7:23

Blackbeard: What is your plan?
Tom: I must confess that I don't have one. I'm extemporizing somewhat.
Blackbeard: I see. And so yet again, I can't decide if you are the most cunning or the most beef-headed fellow I've ever met.
Tom: A conclusion I must gladly leave to you, sir.

21 apr 2015, 7:23

Blackbeard: This is the new world. Money trumps anger. Money trumps hatred. Money trumps nation, King, and country. Money trumps God.

21 apr 2015, 7:23

Blackbeard: I am touched by your gallantry, though. You've the soul of a pirate, if the brain of a Frenchman.

21 apr 2015, 7:23

William Jagger: Now, before we proceed you need to understand that I know a lie as readily as I know the kiss of my own mother. I know a lie before a sound has been uttered.

21 apr 2015, 7:24

Blackbeard: We may have come close to the end, but close to the end is not the end, is it?