s01e07 — The Move

  • Released:
    19 Jun 201419.06.2014 15:00
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25 mar 2015, 15:51

Justin: Are you really trying to help me or just messing with my head?
Danny: Why can’t it be both?

25 mar 2015, 15:52

Leslie: She read something sexy in a magazine that she wanted to try.
Justin: It was scary. It was terrifying.
Shelly: Uh-oh. Somebody’s thumb went somewhere!

25 mar 2015, 15:52

Danny: I’ve got a move that is insanely crazy. But you have to be just like the Karate Kid. Part of your body waxes on while the other part waxes off.

25 mar 2015, 15:52

Leslie: You know Justin feels insecure.
[Danny looks confused.]
Leslie: Oh, right. You see, being insecure is when you doubt yourself and your abilities.
Danny: That’s so sad. Is that a real thing?
Brett: Yes, and that’s why I’ve yet to wear my European bathing suit in the States.
Leslie: You need to put yourself ahead of your friends’ feelings.
Danny: I don’t like that. It makes me feel in-sack-ure.
Leslie: That’s not what that means.

7 oct 2019, 12:27

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