s01e08 — The Julius Effect

  • Released:
    19 Jun 201419.06.2014 15:00
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25 mar 2015, 15:49

Danny: You’re like a guy who can pull off a ponytail. You don’t exist.

25 mar 2015, 15:50

Justin: It’s not our abilities that show who we really are. It’s the choices that we make.
Julius: Who’s quoting Dumbledore out here? Are you a fan? We should play Quidditch sometime.

25 mar 2015, 15:50

Danny: Even Justin likes Julius.
Justin: That’s not true.
Danny: You guys sang half of West Side Story together.
Justin: That was a beautiful 45-minute slipup.

25 mar 2015, 15:50

Justin: Friends aren’t supposed to lie for each other. They are supposed to help each other become better people.
Danny: I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to be 100 percent honest. Are you a Care Bear?

21 apr 2015, 7:00

@Jioruji: Danny: Dude, why couldn't you just lie for me, man? I lie for you all the time.

25 mar 2015, 15:50

Leslie: You are the best little brother in the whole world. I’m so glad Mom didn’t let me put you in the microwave.

4 mar 2017, 0:18

Как же я орнула с Шелли в этой серии :DDD