s01e10 — Daddy Issues

  • Released:
    26 Jun 201426.06.2014 15:00
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25 mar 2015, 15:47

Justin: Nicki is coming down, and I was thinking that we could close up the bar and drink with my real family: you guys. No gifts, though.
Danny: Personally, that’s a huge stress reliever, because you’re really hard to shop for. I mean, you have all the khakis.

25 mar 2015, 15:47

Brett: I used to practice making out with my Hugh Grant poster, and you had a gayer childhood than me.

25 mar 2015, 15:47

Leslie: Did you fall asleep in a coat?
Drunk Justin: I couldn’t find my blankets.

25 mar 2015, 15:47

Shelly: Due to the stress of this job, I may or may have not smoked a bunch of marijuana. So please line up in the kitchen and take whatever you want. We are out of the following: meats, cheeses and breads.