s01e05 — The Return

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    11 Jul 201411.07.2014 17:00
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21 apr 2015, 7:09

- You trust me to do this?
- No.But I trust your desire for Kate Balfour. A jolly stick is like a compass. It'll always guide a man home.

21 apr 2015, 7:09

Tom: Commodore, I've been pondering your condition.
Blackbeard: As have I, you can be most assured.

21 apr 2015, 7:09

Blackbeard: Trust is not like a pound of butter. It's not as though I only have so much of the stuff to measure out.

21 apr 2015, 7:09

Selima: But I have neither aptitude nor appetite for leadership.
Blackbeard: Then trust me. When I wake, the first thing I feel is fear. The second is shame for feeling it. But we cannot allow ourselves to become servants to what we can't change. We must determine to become midwives to what we can. You can't serve these people if you can't come to terms with their presence.

21 apr 2015, 7:10

Tom: Sir, the people of this island are…
Jagger: Are what? Innocent?
Tom: As good as you or me.
Jagger: But I make no claim to be good. And by God, neither can you? What I am and what I pray you still are, is the King's man.