s02e05 — A Priest Walks Into a Bar

  • Released:
    21 Apr 201521.04.2015 15:00
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23 apr 2015, 2:11

Justin: I’ll tell you what I told the mall Santa when I turned 16 and didn’t get a car for Christmas. I don’t believe in you anymore.

23 apr 2015, 2:12

Justin: How do you think Keanu Reeves would have felt if he never ate the M&M?
Danny: Are you saying I’m the one?

23 apr 2015, 2:12

Danny: I don’t deliver pizzas. Like Jason Statham, I’m a transporter.

23 apr 2015, 2:12

Justin: I went too far. I need to apologize.
Leslie: No! You can’t. Danny cares what you think. That’s a power that only one other person has, but I can’t get Vin Diesel to come here.

23 apr 2015, 2:12

Danny: So during this interview he’s going to ask me a bunch of questions. What if he asks me how I get my hair this good and I can’t tell him because it’s a secret?

23 apr 2015, 2:13

Brett: Hi Candace. It’s me—Hugh Grant. Yes, yes, the Benedict Cumberbatch of the ’90s. You can’t resist a charming British Prime Minister who is desperately in love with his secretary, can you? She just thinks she’s … ever so chubby.
Candace: NO! She’s just British curvy, like Adele!

4 may 2015, 14:26

^ как в анекдоте про "не получилось".

17 jun 2016, 14:35

Концовка серии шикарна)