s04e04 — Private Plane

  • Released:
    19 Oct 198918.10.1989 22:00
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7 jul 2016, 21:24

четвертый сезон - огонь!

3 may 2017, 18:54

- К самолету надо относиться как к любимой женщине.
- В каком смысле сэр? Вести на уик-энд домой и знакомить с мамой?
- Нет. Залезать пять раз в день и загонять на небеса.

5 jun 2017, 9:54

- Do you remember when I came down to visit you when you were a nipper for your sixth birthday? You used to have a lovely little rabbit.. .Beautiful little thing. Do you remember?
- Flossy.
- That's right, Flossy. Do you remember what happened to Flossy?
- You shot him.
- That's right. It was the kindest thing to do after he'd been run over by that car.
- By your car, sir.
- Yes, by my car. But that too was an act of mercy when you would remember that that dog had been set on him.
- Your dog, sir.
- Yes, yes, my dog. But what I'm trying to say, George, is that the state young Flossy was in after we'd scraped him off my front tire.