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Released: 06 May 2020
Country of origin: Netherlands
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
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Runtime: 1 hour 2 minutes

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Lockdown is a comic thriller about living in quarantine. The Netherlands is hit hard by the corona crisis. This goes for Theater Group Maastricht as well. If all theaters close their doors on government orders, bankruptcy is imminent. Artistic leader Michel is very concerned. He worries about the future of his company, but also about his own health. He has asthma and belongs to the so-called risk groups. Nor does his hypochondria help. Fortunately, good friend and companion Servé comes up with a solution. What if they play the Oresteia, the play with which they would premiere soon, via the internet? Just from their living rooms? In this way they can still attract a bit of public interest and possibly close the highest financial need pending help from the government.

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