My Parents

Meine Eltern

My rating

Released: 13 November 2003
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Watched by: 0 of 834 116
Runtime: 18 minutes
IMDB rating: 7.3 of 10 111

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Marie has a problem. She has met the man of her dreams. But he desperately wants to get to know her parents, which wouldn't be so bad had Marie not told him her parents were still madly in love, cool, tolerant, and the contrary to petty bourgeois. But Marie's parents are anything but that. Lydia and Erhard, both in their early fifties, have been a couple for more than 25 years. Their marriage seems fizzled out, daily routine has long caught up with them. For some time now, they've been sleeping in separate rooms. Everything is tidy, philistinism reigns supreme. In panic, Marie goes to see her parents to prepare them for their visitor...

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