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Released: 01 January 1986
Genre: Horror/Supernatural, Thriller
Production companies: Trustinus Productions
Watched by: 0 of 821 995
Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes

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Poor Octar, is excellent student and ending artist and girl (Ally Wu) his friend Shadow and Octar in main house and joking everthing Octar looked watching Shadows is himself and gets blooded and girl in nether so demonic and killing of Cursed Octar and Shadow going back Home Shadow meets Shadows and new Friendly Dipper (Marco Diaz) And Buster (Dvo Marvel) Dipper and Octar firsting meeting Sofia (Emily Diaz) and His mother (Helga) and his Herself Dipper and Octar so Buster missing of Mind and meets killer Shadow and Dipper Backed Buster's Mindend and Dipper running with Demon Shadow myself and Gets Killing backed Octar and running and first Prequel to (Boogeyman 1980 And Boogeyman II 1983) in backed home Octar his Hunnic man so stopping with Shadow and die and die and die Elsa its first victim.

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