Dogman's Rabies: Underdog

Rabbia furiosa - Er Canaro
Dogman's Rabies: Underdog

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Released: 07 June 2018
Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Horror/Supernatural, Thriller, Crime
Production companies: Apocalypsis Film, xLegion, FilmExport Group, Home Movies
Watched by: 0 of 844 795
Runtime: 2 hours
IMDB rating: 5.7 of 10 210


Inspired by one of the most savage and violent crimes committed in Rome in the 1980s, "Rabbia Furiosa" is the story of Fabio, a small-time neighborhood crook, known as “Er Canaro” (the Dog Man) who suffers years of abuse and mistreatment from Claudio, a local boss of the criminal underworld. When he is driven to desperation and the brink of madness, he will carry out a terrible and bloody act of vengeance...

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