Boss 2

Boss 2

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Released: 23 June 2017
Country of origin: Bangladesh, India
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Production companies: Jaaz Multimedia
Watched by: 0 of 844 795
Runtime: 2 hours 16 minutes
IMDB rating: 5 of 10 729


Surya, the man who taught his people the art of dreaming and making their dreams come true, has now turned into their biggest enemy. People want him arrested and hanged as they suspect him to be a cheat, who has wrongfully run away with Rs.35, 000 Crores. But can Surya deceive and cheat the ones whom he has lived for? This question is answered in 'Boss 2', and the process is filled with excitement, thrill, shock, emotions and, last but not the least, action.

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