Love, Work And Knowledge: The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich

Love, Work And Knowledge: The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich

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Released: 06 June 2018
Genre: Documentary
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Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes
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A true story of Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer prosecuted and imprisoned. His books and publications were banned and burned in America, where he dies in a federal penitentiary. Now 60 years after his death and 10 years after the unsealing of his archives, a new documentary presents the facts. Four days before the outbreak of World War ll, Dr. Wilhelm Reich - a prominent Austrian psychiatrist, physician and outspoken anti-Nazi - arrived in New York with a teaching visa from the New School for Social Research's renowned 'University in Exile.' After almost continuous investigation, starting in 1939, involving four U.S. government agencies, Reich's published books and research journals were banned and burned by a Federal Court order in the 1950's. This film uses primary materials, scholarly interviews and eye-witness accounts to present a factually-accurate narrative of Reich's life and work, and to explore the events that led up to this heinous example of censorship in America.

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