Second Time Around

Segunda Vez
Second Time Around

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Released: 13 July 2018
Country of origin: Belgium, Norway
Production companies: Auguste Orts
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Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes
IMDB rating: 5.4 of 10 24


Literature and psychoanalysis are summoned here around a mythical figure of the intellectual, artistic and psychoanalytical history of pre-dictatorship Argentina: Oscar Masotta. Having introduced Lacan’s thought in Latin America as well as structuralism, having taken action in defense of Pop art, and having himself initiated legendary performances, Masotta is at the heart of that wonderful Fifties and Seventies effervescence. But for as distinct a character as this one, Dora Garcia neither films the biopic, nor does she merely deliver the servile reconstruction of an anthology of his « actions ». Better still, and through an impure mix of both, with other elements at the forefront, she proposes floating evocation, much like psychoanalytical listening.

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