Life Goes on

Life Goes on

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Released: 03 March 2018
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Documentary
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Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes


One of Japan's most inspirational documentaries of 2018 "Life Goes On..." True stories of ordinary people struggling to rebuild their lives after the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011. Courage and compassion in the face of adversity. Six years after East Japan's Great Earthquake & Tsunami, director Mia Yoon reveals why she returned to the affected area. "The tragedy of Tohoku has been broadcasted to the world, but since then, rays of hope and happiness have begun to emerge, and these stories deserve to be told.” Actress Norika Fukiwara introduces to us the realities of life in this beautiful yet tragic landscape. We learn from farmers, children, house wives, a hotel manager, oridnary people struggling to re-build their lives. Against the trauma of lost love ones, devastated commuities and the threat of nuclear fallout, the resilience and benevolence of ordinary people is nothing short of insprational: a message for us all.

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