Persona -trinity soul-

Anime Persona -trinity soul-


( 400 )
Original run: 05.01.2008 — 28.06.2008
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Anime
Network: MBS
Watched by: 885 of 741 462
Total running time: 9 hours 37 minutes
Episode duration: 22
IMDB rating: 6.4 of 10 128 rating: 6.161 of 10 302


Persona -trinity soul- takes place ten years after the end of Persona 3. It is set in Ayanagi City, a city located near the Sea of Japan, and its police force begins to investigate several cases involving a mysterious illness called the Apathy Syndrome. In the midst of the crisis, two brothers named Shin and Jun Kanzato move back to Ayanagi to see their elder brother Ryō, who is now the Superintendent of the Ayanagi City Police. It has been ten years since the three siblings last met with each other.

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