Timothy Goes to School


Original run: 05.09.2000 — 25.11.2001
Country of origin: US
Genre: Children
Network: PBS
Watched by: 5 of 821 707
Total running time: 13 hours
Episode duration: 30 min.
Episodes count: 26
IMDB rating: 6.6 of 10 491


Timothy Goes to School explores the experiences and feelings of children in kindergarten. This series teaches youngsters how to behave in school and having a positive attitude - feeling good in school and learning more about the world. A raccoon named Timothy starts kindergarten, and meets many new people and many new friends. He helps others with their challenges and they would help Timothy on something he is struggling on. Yoko, a japanese cat who is one of Timothy's best friends is a very talented violin player, Fritz the badger is another one of Timothy's friends who wants to discover new things, leaving a mess behind. Charles is a shy little mouse while Nora is a loud little mouse. Claude is a smart raccoon who thinks he is better than everyone else, Lily is a forgetful fox, Grace is a wonderful cat dancer, and Doris is a beaver who loves different kinds of paintings than everyone...

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