Hidden Talent

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Original run: 24 Apr 2012 – 29 May 2012

Country of origin: UK

Genre: Lifestyle

Network: Channel 4 UK

Watched by: 3 of 672 707 0%

Total running time: 4 hours 18 minutes

Episode duration: 43 minutes

MyShows rating: 5 of 5 1


How far can natural talent really go and what if it could change your life? Hidden Talent is a six-part series which discovers people with extraordinary hidden talents they never even dreamed they had. Hundreds of randomly selected people are put through a series of tests to identify those with hidden abilities, and nine participants discover if they can go from being a total novice to a top class performer in record time.

Overseen by scientists and academics, over 900 people from all around the country undergo testing, and a number are found to have special physical, mental, sensory or creative talents - of which they were totally unaware. The Hidden Talent experts then take them on, training and developing them to face extraordinary challenges and push their newly discovered Hidden Talent to its limit, a process which could even change the rest of their lives.

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