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Original run: 6 Apr 1998 – 23 Jun 1998

Country of origin: Japan

Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime

Network: TV Tokyo JP

Watched by: 18 of 691 077 0%

Total running time: 4 hours 48 minutes

Episode duration: 24 minutes

MyShows rating: 2.86 of 5 7


500 years ago a civil war prevailed in the empire of the Inca. The weaker side decides to summon a mystical force that could destroy the whole earth. In the present in Japan: Miura Kyoji finds out that he is a reborn soul of an ancient warrior of the Inca. But Kyoji is not alone. His friend and master Tate is also one of these reborn Inca. But Tate feels called to higher goals. He tries to summon the ancient force that could not be summoned 500 years ago. Now, Kyoji has to travel around the world with Tate's fiance to destroy his evil machinations. In the process, he gets to know more and more about his past and finally fights a bitter fight against his best friends to save his and everyone's future.

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