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Original run: 13 Aug 2013 – 22 Oct 2013

Country of origin: US

Genre: Comedy, How To/Do It Yourself

Network: Discovery Channel US

Watched by: 4 of 673 320 0%

Total running time: 4 hours 24 minutes

Episode duration: 22 minutes

IMDB rating: 4.3 of 10 82

MyShows rating: 5 of 5 1


Caught between Moonshine seasons with idle hands, lovable still-hand Tickle stumbles upon a stash of someone else's moonshine hidden in the forest. Being the opportunist that he is, he finds himself needing ways to move the ‘shine and cover his tracks. Enlisting the help of his trusted friends, Howard and Mo, Tickle embarks upon a series of harebrained schemes, starting with a storefront designed to distract from the otherwise illicit business. Meanwhile, they must evade several obstacles and snooping townspeople, not to mention someone that may be searching for their "misplaced" liquor.

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