Tokyo Ravens

Anime Tokyo Ravens


1 082
Original run: 09.10.2013 — 26.03.2014
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Anime
Network: Tokyo MX
Watched by: 2 482 of 712 089
Total running time: 10 hours
Episode duration: 25
IMDB rating: 7.5 of 10 1 021 rating: 7.116 of 10 1 230


Harutora may seem like an ordinary guy, but he's actually a descendent of an ancient and powerful clan of omyouji. Born without the family talent for magic, he'd always believed he was destined for a normal, boring existence. All that changed the day Natsume, a beautiful face from Harutora's past, barged back into his life and forever altered the course of his future. When her sudden arrival leads to a violent and tragic encounter with a magical prodigy, Harutora agrees to fulfill a childhood vow by accompanying Natsume to the clandestine Onmyo Academy. Together, along with their incredible onmyouji classmates, they'll attempt to survive life at a school where not even magic can get you out of your homework.

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