МастерШеф Дети

Show МастерШеф Дети


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Original run: 07.11.2015 — 25.12.2016
Country of origin: Russia
Genre: Food
Network: CTC
Watched by: 322 of 734 081
Total running time: 17 hours 12 minutes
Episode duration: 43


Мастершеф Дети (MasterChef. Children) an analog of foreign show MasterChef Junior, with success coming in fifty countries. Young cooks 9-13 years old will compete in preparing complex dishes with which to cope, not every adult. Little chefs do not always reach to the plate without a support, but so skillfully cut up fish, and knead the dough for pasta that those who will be watching MasterChef. Children will be only surprised by their skill!

This show, which boil childish passion, and the small age of the participants is not a hindrance their enviable professionalism. Forty talented young chefs will be a difficult challenge, competing for the best.Assess the talents of participants will be the most influential chefs of the country: Andrei Shmakov, Giuseppe D'Angelo and Alexander Belkovich. The main prize, the winner of which will receive program MasterChef. Children - training in one of the culinary schools abroad. These children play various musical instruments, speak foreign languages and are ready for victory on a very strong actions. Yet I will win only one of them. Find out who. See MasterChef. Children on Saturdays at 19:00 on CTC!