Counterfeit Cat


( 85 )
Original run: 12.05.2016 — 30.01.2017
Country of origin: US
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi
Network: Disney XD
Watched by: 228 of 834 307
Total running time: 9 hours 32 minutes
Episode duration: 22 min.
Episodes count: 26
IMDB rating: 6.8 of 10 227 rating: 8.372 of 10 2 131


Gark is not a real cat, he's a Counterfeit Cat. He's a small blue alien in a purple cat costume. Max is a real cat: fat, fluffy, yellow and constantly pampered by his doting owner Betty. Gark is sent for training in the city and he mistakes Max for one of the bravest creatures in the universe: a tiger! Gark can't believe his luck - he thinks Max can teach him to be a hero, because that's what he's going to need to be if he is to fulfill the ancient prophecy and save the universe. Max has never had anyone look up to him before, let alone the future savior of the universe, but he's watched enough sci-fi on TV to know that this is serious business. Even though he loves having such a doting alien to take care of, the problem is he doesn't know much about being brave. Gark's adventurous instincts force Max to confront the world outside of Betty's apartment where they live, and albeit reluctantly, act like the tiger Gark believes him to be.

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