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Original run: 23 Mar 2018 – …

Country of origin: US

Genre: Drama, Romance/Dating

Network: YouTube US

Watched by: 4 147 of 666 907 0.62%

Total running time: 15 hours 7 minutes

Episode duration: 25 minutes

IMDB rating: 7.7 of 10 679

kinopoisk.ru rating: 7.636 of 10 525

MyShows rating: 4.1 of 5 1 617


DRUCK - You are young. You are strong. You are weak. You are happy. You are sometimes afraid. You want everything to stay that way and you want everything to be different. You have ambitions. Sometimes you hate everything. You have pressure (DRUCK). You are pressure (DRUCK). Every day, every second - in the head and body! Pressure (DRUCK) to be cool, pressure (DRUCK) to finally have sex, pressure (DRUCK) to have the perfect plan right now. That's pressure (DRUCK) - your series, your life.

Hanna, Mia, Amira, Sam and Kiki somehow have to go through the day. Every day. Not that their school, their ex-boyfriends or the world would make that easy for them. For Hanna there seems to be only one way - all or nothing. One moment everything fits: friends, clique, Hanna comes to mind. But at some point she falls in love with Jonas. Ironically, the friend of her best friend. What happens after is all very shit and Hanna is almost alone at the end: although with a new friend, but completely without her old gang. Since then nothing fits anymore. Hanna slowly starts believe that Jonas again has something with his ex-girlfriend. And then comes the beef with her former best friend Leonie and the fact that the whole school keeps her since her action for a slut. Fuck.

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