Hitler's Circle of Evil

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Original run: 3 Oct 2017 – 5 Dec 2017

Country of origin: Australia

Genre: Drama, History, Military/War


Watched by: 9 of 664 059 0%

Total running time: 7 hours 10 minutes

Episode duration: 52 minutes

MyShows rating: 4.4 of 5 5


This is the story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich told like the drama it really was: through the personal relationships of the movers and shakers of the most evil regime in history.

They were Hitler's henchmen—the small gaggle of misfits, careerists and fanatical Nazis who had the ear of the Fuhrer. Those whose job it was to make his brutal vision a reality. Men like ex-chicken farmer and leader of the SS—Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's adoring but mentally unhinged deputy—Rudolf Hess, fighter ace turned morphine addict—Herman Goering and sex-crazed propaganda chief—Josef Goebbels. As they scrabble for power, they will turn on each other in a murky atmosphere of intrigue, betrayal and murder.

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