There She Goes


( 264 )
Original run: 16.10.2018 — ...
Country of origin: UK
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Network: BBC Four
Watched by: 917 of 821 492
Total running time: 5 hours
Episode duration: 30 min.
Episodes count: 10
IMDB rating: 8 of 10 974 rating: 7.552 of 10 423


There She Goes is about a severely learning disabled 9-year-old girl Rosie, her dad Simon, mum Emily and brother Ben.

Each episode shines a light on day-to-day life with Rosie - unique experiences from simply trying to take her to the park to trying to explain that everyday isn't her birthday.

A second timeline set in 2006 shows the effect having a severely disabled child had on the family unit, how it threatened to disintegrate but ultimately brought them even closer.

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