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Original run: 07.11.2017 — ...
Country of origin: Australia
Network: Seven Network
Watched by: 30 of 712 687
Total running time: 16 hours 16 minutes
Episode duration: 47
IMDB rating: 7.1 of 10 506


From the Top End to tropical North Queensland, from Bondi to the Barossa, from Melbourne to the mighty Murray River... We're on the hunt for Australia's absolute best ‘Instant Hotel'!

Tapping into the worldwide trend of homeowners renting out their homes as holiday accommodation, Instant Hotel will see 10 teams of two competing for the title of Best Instant Hotel.

Teams will score each other on: the house, location, nearby attractions, value for money and the all-important quality of a good night's sleep.
And as contestants soon find out, like most travel adventures, what might seem like a dream online is not always what you'll find when you arrive. How will our proud Instant Hotel owners take constructive feedback from their guests?