Meng Qi Shi Shen

Anime Meng Qi Shi Shen


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Original run: 29.12.2018 — ...
Country of origin: China
Genre: Romance/Dating, History, Food, Anime
Network: Bilibili
Watched by: 558 of 741 829
Total running time: 8 hours 3 minutes
Episode duration: 23


Ye Jiayao is called the goddess of food. She accidentally falls into the Huai Song dynasty and is in the body of the eldest daughter of the governor Yangzhou Ye Jingxuan. Not having time to recover and understand where she is, she is sent to meet her fiance. The gangsters attack the wedding procession and kidnap it to pass Xia Chunyu for the third head of the Black Wind gang. Upon meeting his future wife, Chunyuya suspects that she was sent to follow him. However, sharpness of mind and cunning speeches of Ye Jiayao, as well as excellent culinary skills, gradually win the heart of the Third. So step by step, she learns his secrets.