Zelfde deur, 20 jaar later

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Original run: 6 Sep 2018 – …

Country of origin: Belgium

Total running time: 10 hours 11 minutes

Episode duration: 45 minutes


Exactly 20 years ago Martin Heylen for the first time, by chance, entered the most diverse living rooms in Flanders and he brought the story of the people behind the façade weekly for Man bijt hond. He made a picture of the times, a cross-section of Flanders. In the new human interest series Same door, 20 years later Martin goes back two decades after his success story looking for the same doors, the same people, again without notifying them and without knowing what awaits him.

What does life do to a person and what does a person do with life? Happiness but also setbacks hang over everyone's head: how do they deal with it, how do they get (spring) power out of it? Martin, who also became wiser for 20 years, learned from his visits: not being afraid of your dreams, but daring to make choices. Because 20 years is over.

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