Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor — s01e10 — Gold Digger!?

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Duration: 25 min.
Released: 06.06.201706.06.2017 14:30
Watched by: 3 20673.84%
1 season
s01e04 - The Magic Competition
s01e05 - The Queen and the Princess
s01e06 - The Evil Being
s01e07 - The Sea of Falling Stars
s01e08 - The Fool and the Star
s01e09 - The Reason to Live
s01e10 - Gold Digger!?
s01e11 - Face Off! The Magic Corps Battle
s01e12 - The Place Found for Oneself

Discussion of the 10 episode of the 1 season
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08 Jun 2017, 19:15 #
Ахах, наконец-то показался пейринг Глен\Систина
15 Jun 2017, 21:33 #
Я б так не радовалась, судя по дальнейшим флэшбэкам, которые​ товарисч ловит, дело не в пэринге, но я могу ошибаться
10 Jun 14:48 # Show original
White cat, so you have a fiance! And you fluffed your tail in front of Sensei. It would be nice if March were in the yard, but this way... Sisti, Grandpa won't be happy with you! Moreover, the groom's name is Leos, almost like Laos. Think about it, my husband is a country! (Well, almost)

I don't know what kind of Sarah is there and what she looks like to Sisti, but there is no smell of some kind of loving chemistry here at all. They suck romance out of their fingers where there is none. It would be better if they came up with good enemies. Eleanor alone is not enough, and the rest are weak.
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