s01e05 — In a World Where Worlds Collide

Released: 25 Apr 2017 25.04.2017 16:30

Watched by: 61 23.11%

Description: www.tvmaze.com

Episode rating: 4.133 of 5 15

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kaktusiXa wrote 26 apr 2017, 16:02 #

мне нравится сериал и тд, но, черт, я представила, как выглядел со стороны этот момент в начале, когда Элис бегала с пылесосом за Мэри - ВООБРАЖАЕМЫМ другом :D

- None of these people are my friends. And you're all free to go. Goooo!
- I thought we were friends.
- Great. I had one friends and I've just pushed him away.
Как-то даже жаль парня стало :D