s01e06 — Track 6: Joanna and Eleanor

Released: 18 Dec 2019 18.12.2019 3:00

Duration: 57 min

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lil_homa wrote 19 dec 2019, 17:01 #

- I mean you have all these people in your life talking constantly. You have your fans, you have your team, you have critics. You have people who are paid to review you! How do you keep their voices out of your head? How you are not constantly paralyzed all the time?
- Well, you know, you can never keep those voices out. It's about learning to control the volume.

Всего одна песня, и настолько больше драмы. Хорошо, что не нужно ждать новой серии, с таким-то окончанием

St. Vincent - Fast Slow Disco


anna12aganina wrote 20 dec 2019, 20:24 #

Нельзя так заканчивать серию😭😭😭