s01e03 — I Was a Teenage Abomination

The Owl House — s01e03 — I Was a Teenage Abomination

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Duration: 24 min.
Released: 24.01.202025.01.2020 04:48
Watched by: 9 95870.46%
1 season
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s01e03 - I Was a Teenage Abomination
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24 Jan 2020, 21:07 #
По-детски но очень мило и задорно, разумеется видно смесь других картин, но достаточно, теперь хочется сюжета, а не полупустых серий.
20 Mar 2021, 15:08 #
@that_damn_write: да, соглашусь, а ещё звонок страшнее, чем в школе, и он подавился, хи-хи
the episode aired 25.01.2020
26 Jan 2020, 06:29 #
Хоть и понимаешь, что этот мультик для детей и ничего плохого с героями не случится, всё равно как-то жутковато смотреть, как хотят вскрыть Луз... Хотя в детстве я бы смотрел на это иначе.
27 Jan 2020, 21:41 #
Соглашусь с комментариями выше. Сюжет не много детский, но смотреть приятно. Жду какой-то интриги и действий
29 Jan 2020, 17:41 #
от такого звонка на урок и помереть можно
29 Jan 2020, 18:10 # Show original
Ida is really a great teacher!!! :)))
30 Mar 2020, 02:08 #
В обзоре на ютьюбе про этот мульт говорили,что будут небольшие реверансы в сторону Хогвартса из ГП — и вот вам школа колдовства,получите-распишитесь😏✨♥️
02 Aug 2020, 01:50 #
Ида просто прекрасна! Пока что в каждой из серий.

И я, кстати, детскости особой не замечаю, вообще не мешает наслаждаться просмотром.
03 Sep 2020, 03:14 # Show original
There's always this hackneyed plot line about the characters not being punished because they did something impressive. Well, at least Luz was banned at school. In general, I did not expect that the magic school would appear so early according to the plot of the cartoon, I thought Ida would tell Luz only a month later that it turns out there was a magic school next door that really resembles Hogwarts, only safer.
As expected, a plump girl and a dark-skinned boy became friends of Luz, but Amity will probably spoil the blood of the next series. And in the end, apparently, to make friends in the face of a common danger, maybe.
It was only on the third series that I realized that we had not yet been shown an antagonist in the series, if there would be one, but according to the laws of the genre, there clearly should be. Maybe some ancient magician who wants to be reborn from oblivion? It's hard to judge yet.
Yes, and somehow there is no global goal yet, well, except for the desire of Luz to learn magic. Well, that is, it is unlikely that this is the whole main plot, obviously more than one season is being filmed.
I also wanted to speak out about morality, at the beginning of the series I was confused that the characters were essentially cheating in order to get a high score on the subject, but later it goes sideways for them, and the main idea is that you don't have to follow your parents or society as a whole, but develop your talents, then success awaits.
07 Jan 2021, 20:39 #
«That's my girl!»
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