Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist — s01e10 — Power Potion / RK Gene Fluid

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Duration: 23 min.
Released: 08.09.202108.09.2021 06:00
Watched by: 34852.97%
1 season
s01e04 - Rokushou Sauce / Emotional Drive
s01e05 - Come Here Beast Lure / Stomach Acheless
s01e06 - Stuck-In-Place Super Glue / Glossy Shine Polish
s01e07 - Woof? Advent of the Demon King! / Give It to Me Straight
s01e08 - Odorless Body Soap! / Three-Minute Revive
s01e09 - Big Catch Buddy / Harriette Remover
s01e10 - Power Potion / RK Gene Fluid
s01e11 - Pass, No Fail / Sun Sun Go Away Sunscreen Gel
s01e12 - Let's Open a Drugstore in Another World!

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