s01e08 — #8 Покушение на Короля (Поперечный, Джарахов, Гудков, BRB)

Подземелья Чикен Карри — s01e08 — #8 Покушение на Короля (Поперечный, Джарахов, Гудков, BRB)

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Duration: 78 min.
Released: 31.12.202131.12.2021 15:00
Watched by: 2 61478.71%
1 season
s01e04 - #4 Дворец лорда Властона (Соболев, Кукушкин, BRB, Гудков)
s01e05 - #5 Шахты Фогельнест (Харламов, Кукояка, BRB, Гудков)
s01e06 - #6 Адский поезд (Соболев, Шмыкова, Кукушкин, BRB, Гудков)
s01e07 - #7 Ночь в таверне "Кайф" (Маркони, Варнава, Кукушкин, BRB, Гудков)
s01e08 - #8 Покушение на Короля (Поперечный, Джарахов, Гудков, BRB)
s01e09 - #9 Человек в железной маске (Харламов, SQWOZBAB, Гудков, Кукушкин, BRB)
s01 special-1 - Подземелья Чикен Карри х НМДНИ. Хроники Леониса Парфия
s01e10 - #10 Храм Юмора (Масаев, Кашоков, Гудков, Кукушкин, BRB)
s01 special-2 - Баллада Барона Эдварда / Тизер ПЧК 11 Оазис Шиш Кебаб

Discussion of the 8 episode of the 1 season
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10 Jan 2022, 02:34 # Show original
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23 Jan 2022, 17:40 # Show original
The most intense, vibrant and dynamic release! I liked the references to Arbenina, to Mussolini, it's funny they weave personalities into the context of the show, of course.
Everyone played very well and diluted it with cool jokes! The boss is just in the heart!
– It's a magic game ...
– Oh, well, then possessions.
24 Oct 2022, 20:51 # Show original
Cool graduation. I really liked that there were no left-hand throws and everything went smoothly according to the plot.
It was carried out from the scene where the cop was born in silence and "don't be silent, now another one will come out." I looked at the repeat 3 times.
BRB, who did not stop believing in his idea of drying gunpowder until the last moment.
Plus a New Year's atmosphere.
It turned out to be an unrealistically cool and funny issue.
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