s01e03 — Broken Confidence. I Feel Like Crying

Duration: 7 min.
Released: 20.04.1999 20.04.1999 07:00
Watched by: 2 66.67%
1 season
s01e01 - Here I Am, Doris Ruridou!
s01e02 - I'll Change Myself Gorgeously! Am I Cool?
s01e03 - Broken Confidence. I Feel Like Crying
s01e04 - I'm Exhausted from the Morning. It's Your Fault, My Sister!
s01e05 - Tasting Experience! Somebody Save Me!
s01e06 - A Life Saver Comes! His Name is Dumb Dog Chiro!
s01e07 - 24 Hours at Teito Academy with Doris Ruridou
s01e08 - My Heart is Beating Fast at Central Stadium. Who Are You?
s01e09 - My First Battle. I'm Getting Nervous

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