s03e10 — A Kiss Not Mine Alone

Truth Be Told — s03e10 — A Kiss Not Mine Alone

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Duration: 40 min.
Released: 24.03.202324.03.2023 15:00
Watched by: 99014.48%
3 season
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s03e10 - A Kiss Not Mine Alone

Discussion of the 10 episode of the 3 season
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24 Mar 2023, 12:14 #
Боялся, что этого латиноса оставят на следующий сезон, но единственная зацепка на четвертый: Смс про Александра. В целом, сериал понравился, понимаю, что все сравнивают с первым (который базировался на книге), но мне сериал не наскучил. Либо из меня плохой критик)
the episode aired 24.03.2023
24 Mar 2023, 23:29 # Show original
I don't really like it when it's so easy for geniuses to hide everything and talk about how they committed a crime. I'm glad that she was caught and it was clear that it was her for a long time, but the fact that if she had kept quiet and hired a lawyer, she would not have sat down is obvious. As soon as her husband questioned her mental abilities, she was carried away) It's much more interesting when you can catch just one act and then the whole house of cards crumbles. I thought someone would shoot this rapist and murderer bastard, but I thought it would be the headmistress's friend, not Poppy's father and his wife.
27 Mar 2023, 22:53 # Show original
I don't know about me, it's a very boring season, and I definitely don't want to continue…
31 Mar 2023, 08:12 #
Финалочка хороша, так пафосно ушли в закат. Так тянули-тянули, а потом так быстро раскусили злодея. Но в целом сериал хорош
25 Apr 2023, 15:30 #
Сериал закрыт!
01 May 2023, 21:44 #
Ну это следовало ожидать, сериал закрыт и слава богу!
А такое начало было многообещающее.. Первый сезон очень интересный, затянул и за него поставила бы 5 звезд, а потом вышел второй и было настолько неинтересно, что я уже забыла о чем он был.
Третий сезон сносно, смотреть можно, не вау конечно, но получше.
29 May 2023, 12:09 #
Сериал отличный , но 3й сезон оказался немного слабее первых 2х. В целом и стилистика жанра и герои , все было выдержано до конца!)
30 Apr 23:46 # Show original
It seems to me that it was not even necessary to follow the detective line, it was enough to look at the list of actors to understand who the evil genius was. Gone are the days when you could invite Susana Thompson to a minor role and make her stand on the sidelines. ) No, if Thompson is in the caste, it's not easy. It's just a pity that she didn't have much screen time. It would be better to pay more attention to Sibyl and her husband, the company, the struggle for the mayoral seat, than to melodrama "oh, I'm not my father's daughter", "oh, my mother left the family, and then returned" and so on. Well, I don't believe that an adult will spend so much time whining about this whole story.

01 May 18:10 # Show original
To be honest, I think it's all a complete mess. If Sibyl is so thoughtful and no one has been looking for girls before, then why did she allow girls from well-off families to be dragged into this network, who would definitely look for them, why lure a policeman's daughter there? The scriptwriters overreached something.
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