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Released: 21 February 2014
Country of origin: China
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Production companies: Shanghai Zhen Fei Wenhua Chuan Bo Youxian Gong Si
Watched by: 0 of 821 995
Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

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Based on true events, the movie follows the story of three low class gangsters from a small Chinese province as they travel to Shanghai to offer an unique deal to the city most powerfull mob boss Raoul Kai (Christian Kang Bachini), steal a huge amount of gold for which they have exclusive and proved intel. The deal seems too good to be true and soon Raoul finds out that the three gangsters have been sent by his long time rival uncle Tong (Shui Re) in order to destabilize his organization from the inside and finally kill him. With no one left to trust Raoul must count on his own survival and strategical skills in order to save his life and protect his empire.

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