The Rules of using MyShows

Welcome to the MyShows (, a service which offers you a base of series broken down into genres, years, TV channels, countries and a whole lot of other parameters so that you might control your viewings, mark series, account for the time spent and monitor episode releases.

The administration provides you access to the use of the Site or Apps MyShows and their functionality on the conditions which are the subject of these Rules of using the MyShows

The rules are underpinned by a common goal – to support a mutually respectful and friendly atmosphere, to prevent pollution of the resource by extremely outside comments so that its intellectual and moral significance might not be reduced. The Rules themselves were created by requests and in the interests of most members of our community.


1. Compliance with the rules

All MyShows users must comply with these rules of the site MyShows.

2. Activities of the administration are not to be discussed

All solutions on moderation of comments are accepted at the discretion of moderators/administrators of the site and are not discussed. It is permitted to discuss the rules and solutions of the administrators, but not to condemn :)

3. Our topic is series

3.1. Themes of the site MyShows

3.1.1. Comments on the site must correspond to the themes of MyShows, i.e. series. Any non-thematic comments can be deleted by moderators/administrators without giving reasons. 

3.1.2. What is welcome on MyShows? Interesting relevant information and news useful to other members of the community. Interesting opinions, ideas, observations, reflections.

3.1.3. What is not welcome on MyShows? Spoilers and extreme distraction from the topic of discussion, naked painted or photographed bodies, obscenities and insults.

3.2. Rules of decency and purity of language 

3.2.1. In comments on MyShows it is prohibited to use obscene language, and also get personal and insult users and the administration of the Site.

3.2.2. Users of MyShows can edit their comments within 5 minutes. Then the comment can be deleted only by applying to the moderator/administrator. This is necessary for other users not to complain about disappearing comments, as answers may already be posted to your comment. 

3.2.3. Deliberately mangled words or abundance of grammatical mistakes can also be a reason for deleting the comment.

3.3. Spam and flood

We do not welcome spam and excessive deviation from the topic. 

3.3.1. It is not permitted to leave comments of the format "Wow, I am the first!"(in any wordings and numerals). 

3.3.2. It is not permitted to leave comments with calls to put/not to put pluses/minuses to the comment. 

3.3.3. It is not permitted to leave a dozen of identical positive/negative comments to various episodes of one series in order to express full delight/depression.

3.3.4. It is not permitted to leave comments without any words/expression of a personal opinion containing exceptionally links, whether to images or to third-party resources.

3.3.5. Discussion of politics, orientation or religious confession is prohibited unless their discussion touches upon the plot of the series. Condemning is prohibited in any case.

3.4. Advertising

3.4.1. In comments, it is not permitted to place advertising, announcements, offer paid services, ask money, etc.

3.4.2. In comments, it is not permitted to announce any video blogs/series/shows for viewing on any third-party resource. A direct announcement is considered to be advertising and is to be deleted. It is possible within the framework of discussion to mention videos unless it contains links to a third-party resource.

3.4.3. It is not permitted to leave comments with links, whether to images or to third-party resources.

4. Spoilers

4.1. We are sorry if you suffered from a spoiler, but it is no use keeping on spreading it, it is no use spoiling another’s pleasure from viewing. 

4.2. It cannot be said that spoilers are a deviation from the themes of MyShows. That is why all comments with spoilers are not to be deleted. 

4.3. A rating of 25 minuses automatically conceals a comment, but it remains available for reading if you wish.

4.4. Opening a concealed comment, you run the risk of learning a spoiler, be morally prepared for it. 

4.5. Popular episodes with many comments are automatically displayed in the units of Most Commented. We are sorry if the cover of an episode that has got into this unit becomes a spoiler for you. 

4.6. All the above in clause 4 does not cancel the fact that deliberately and regularly causing harm by comments with spoilers is almost spam and is not welcome. Such behavior can bring about corrective measures toward the user who leaves comments with spoilers.

5. Swindling

We do not welcome swindling or churning.

5.1. A rating of a comment is earned by a sense of humor, interesting opinion and estimates of other users. It is no use begging for estimates or create additional accounts for churning.

5.2. Rewards are earned by activities on MyShows and the composition of series of the profile. It is no use swindling in any way in order to obtain rewards you have not yet merited. 

5.2.3. Duplicating accounts is prohibited. Double accounts are deleted upon detection, the original account can get a ban until the circumstances are clarified and enlightening talk conducted, or there may be a ban and deletion of the profile without giving reasons. 

6. Corrective measures

6.1. A formal request/warning.

6.2. Deletion of specific comments.

6.3. Deletion of all recent comments/comments of a certain period.

6.4. A temporary or permanent ban for commenting. 

6.5. A temporary ban for using the site.

6.6. A permanent ban for using the site until the circumstances are clarified and enlightening talk conducted.

6.7. Deletion of an account.

7. Liability of the user

Each user registered on MyShows is liable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The legislation prohibits to publish (originals or copies):

7.1. extremist materials (art. 20.29 of the Administrative Violations Code of the Russian Federation, art. 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

7.2. public calls to carry out extremist activities (art. 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

7.3. public calls to carry out terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism (art. 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

7.4. spreading calumnies (false information, including reprinting)

7.5. spreading personal or family secrets of a person (art. 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

7.6. rehabilitation of Nazism (art. 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

7.7. circulation of data containing call to mass unrest (art. 212 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

7.8. propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi symbols and attributes (or of other extremist organizations) (art. 20.3 of the Administrative Violations Code of the Russian Federation)

7.9. public calls to carry out activities aimed at violating the territorial integrity of Russia (art. 280.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)