Raven Girl

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Country of origin: Canada, Denmark
Genre: Adventure, Animation General, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Production companies: Angel Films, Nørlum, Taqqut Productions
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Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes

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In Tulugalik things are getting busy. The village is building a new harbor to make room for the increased tourism. 12-year-old Maliina adores living here, but her mother wants for her to get a real education in the big city. As things start to heat up between the two, a mystery occurs. The fish has disappeared and soon the town starts to suffer. Maliina learns that she is the one who can solve the mystery. Facing her own fears and the unknown of the Spirit Realms, she begins her journey. But as she delves down into the depth of the sea, destructive storms strike the town. Can Maliina persevere enough to find and calm the Mother of the Sea before the town – and life as they know it – unravels?

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