36 Fillette

36 Fillette

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Released: 03 March 1988
Country of origin: France
Genre: Drama, Romance/Dating
Production companies: CB Films, French Productions
Watched by: 2 of 868 566
Runtime: 1 hour 28 minutes
IMDB rating: 6 of 10 1 398


Lili, a pouty and voluptuous 14-year-old, is caravan camping with her family in Biarritz. She's self-aware and holds her own in a café conversation with a concert pianist she meets, but she has a wild streak and she's testing her powers over men, finding that she doesn't always control her moods or actions, and she's impatient with being a virgin. She sets off with her brother to a disco, latching onto an aging playboy who is himself hot and cold to her. She is ambivalent about losing her virginity that night, willing the next, and determined by the third.

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