The Legend of the Condor Heroes

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Original run: 21 Feb 1983 – …

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Network: TVB Xing He HK

Watched by: 9 of 676 694 0%

Total running time: 1 day 18 hours 17 minutes

Episode duration: 43 minutes

IMDB rating: 8 of 10 417

MyShows rating: 4.75 of 5 4


The Legend of the Condor Heroes is a story that deals with a lot of issues but mostly concerned with the adventure of Kwok Jing and Wong Yung, the two people who ended up creating the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre which would become the major issue in "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre". Kwok Jing, the hero of the story, is an honest, loyal, and brave man even if he is a slow learner and not very clever. Because of his kindness, however, he is often manipulated by many people, especially by his Godbrother, Yeung Hong . On the other hand, Kwok Jing's travelling companion, Wong Yung, is a beautiful and clever girl who can easily tell if a person is out to take advantage of Kwok Jing's kindness. Wong Yung, however, has her own personality flaws. She was at first a spoiled, selfish, and rude person, concerned only for herself and those that she cares for (ie. Kwok Jing). However, as she spends more time travelling with Kwok Jing, she starts to slowly becoming a better person and in the end decided to help Kwok Jing in his mission to defend the Han Dynasty from the invasion of the Mongolia.

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