Goong S

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Original run: 10 Jan 2007 – 15 Mar 2007

Country of origin: South Korea

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Network: MBC KR

Watched by: 190 of 676 292 0.03%

Total running time: 20 hours

Episode duration: 60 minutes

IMDB rating: 6 of 10 53 rating: 5.904 of 10 122

MyShows rating: 3.21 of 5 73


In an alternate Korea, the country is ruled by a monarchy that has been in place for generations and has a strict lineage to inherit the throne. The monarchy runs into a problem, however, when the current prince dies, leaving only a 31-year-old, unmarried Empress in the royal family. With no successor to take over the throne, the family begins investigating their bloodlines, looking for anyone to be their heir. They stumble upon Lee Hoo, whose mother fled the palace years ago, after discovering she had been impregnated by the prince. Completely unaware of his true birth, Lee Hoo is a delivery boy at a Chinese restaurant, and has grown up as a loud-mouthed, carefree commoner. Now, he is plucked out of his life and installed in the palace, in training to become the next prince.

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