Les Misérables (2000)

Show Les Misérables (2000)


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Original run: 04.09.2000 — 04.09.2000
Country of origin: France
Genre: Drama, History
Network: TF1
Watched by: 270 of 782 119
Total running time: 6 hours
Episode duration: 90 min.
IMDB rating: 7.6 of 10 4 419 rating: 7.879 of 10 2 320

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Set against the background of the French Revolution and based on Victor Hugo's classic novel this is the story of Jean Valjean who is sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread and is released after nineteen years. He meets and cares for a beautiful but poverty-stricken young girl named Fantine who has daughter Cosette. After Fantine's death Valjean brings Cosette up but he is haunted by Javert - a policeman whose search for Valjean has become an obsession.

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