A Prince Among Men

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Original run: 15 Sep 1997 – 14 Jun 1998

Country of origin: UK

Genre: Comedy

Network: BBC one UK

Watched by: 3 of 673 320 0%

Total running time: 4 hours 24 minutes

Episode duration: 22 minutes


Chris Barrie stars as Gary Prince, a businessman who is also an ex-football (soccer) star. Prince believes himself to be a superior human being, and sees most, if not all around him as his inferiors. Prince is married to Lisel (Francesca Hunt), a book translator that Gary meet while playing for a German team in Munich. The Prince's live in Cheshire England. The British critics disliked the series, but the BBC commissioned a second season (series). That second series lasted just three episodes before being pulled from prime-time and moved to Sunday afternoons. Three additional original episodes aired on Sunday before the series ended its run with a total of twelve episodes of thirty minutes each.

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